Our Quality


quality-lab-shree-nainaKeeping in pace with the growing demand of International Quality benchmarks, we at SNG have our own in-house quality control department under the strict supervision of a highly qualified and skilled team.

The final products are checked in a socially clean room spread over an area of 11,000 Sq. Ft. with three micron filters.

Our vials are 100% camera inspected for physical and cosmetic defects on clean-room-quality-shreenainaa state of the art automated camera inspection machines offline, to ensure total customer satisfaction and  near zero defects.

Ampoules produced on our imported integrated lines are equipped to produce high quality OPC (one point cut) with inbuilt cameras and PLC controls ensuring a final product of superior quality.


clean-room-quality-shreenaina2Shree Naina Glass has Installed highly sophisticated machinery with advance technology in keeping pace with the scientific advancement to meet the needs of the highly demanding market. Shree Naina’s innovative and technological superiority keeps it ahead of its competitors.




Regulatory Support

We understand that primary packaging, in particular for parenteral drugs, needs to comply with a lot of standards and regulations, so SNG provides pharma and biotech companies with all the requested documentations for quick registration and approval of their products with all the Regulatory agencies. We provide samples and continuos monitoring support to our partners during stability and testing stage.

Our Endeavors

It is our endeavor to ensure that there is no compromise on systems towards ensuring quality of the final product. Quality starts with our choice of neutral glass clear and amber tubings that we source from the word’s largest and most reputed manufacturers. Keeping in mind our mission of healthcare, special care is taken right from the inspection of glass tubings till the finished product including rigorous in-process control and self-inspection to ensure compliance with specified dimensions, cosmetic quality and functionality.

Our Commitment

At SHREE NAINA, we don’t for a moment forget the sanctity of the business we are in ‘The Business of packaging healthcare, and of carrying previous medicines to millions, spreading hope and often, saving lives.’ Our responsibility becomes that much larger because we have over 2 millions units leaving our facilities daily – each on its own mission of healthcare.

Naturally, if we have been given this responsibility by some of the most discerning pharmaceutical companies in the world, its is because they realise that we have adopted the most advanced concepts of manufacturing in India. We have systems and quality norms that fall in line with international guidelines (ISO 15378) and technologies that can keep pace with their demands. And a spirit of innovation that constantly looks at newer forms of value addition and higher forms of customer delight. No wonder then, that our clients see us for what we really are; a partner committed to their own standards of healthcare.